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A survivor-centered and -led program

Lamp Lifeboat Ladder is a survivor-centered and -led program. We believe survivors are best placed to tell us about their unique needs and we must then tailor our program support to meet these needs. 

As part of this approach we want to ensure we communicate with all survivors in our program about Lamp Lifeboat Ladder's philosophy and activities, and encourage feedback and input. We also think it is important for survivors to hold us accountable.  We therefore wrote our first report to survivors outlining our core ethos and some of the key achievements we have accomplished between January 2021 and April 2022.  These include: 

  • Submitting 22 legal cases under the Greece-Jordan-Canada program. To date, every survivor’s case has been approved.
  • So far, 17 survivors and their families have resettled to Canada, enabling 48 people a chance to heal and rebuild their lives.
  • Representing survivors from Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Cameroon, Togo, Iraq, Guinea, Gabon and Sierra Leone.
  • We have built more than 40 cases in Greece and Jordan for survivors of torture, trauma and sexual violence.
  • Providing medical care, safe housing, legal and financial support to more than 300 men, women and children in Greece and Jordan. We believe that providing holistic support that is guided by survivors helps to ensure protection.
  • Establishing a Survivor’s Council and several other groups made up of survivors in our program who teach and guide us about how to design and run Lamp Lifeboat Ladder.
  • Starting a Lamp Lifeboat Ladder Running Team for anyone in our program who wants to start training and run races all over the world! If you are interested please join our Facebook Group here.
  • Starting an English language support program for survivors anywhere in the world who want to learn or improve their English.
  • We have built a fantastic, dedicated (and growing) team of lawyers, doctors, field coordinators, advocates, and experts who speak 11 languages and who live all over the world – all committed to walking alongside survivors in our program.
  • We have recruited more than 70 volunteer allies in Canada who work together in small groups to accompany survivors and their families once they reach their new homes.

Please download and read a copy of this special report. Available in:
Arabic.     French.      Farsi.      English



About the author

Sophie McCann

Sophie McCann is a program director and advocate with experience in international development and human rights advocacy in the UK and internationally. She specializes in refugee and migrants’ rights and community-based mental health and gender programming. Sophie is part of the Lamp Lifeboat Ladder team focusing on organizational development and communications.

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