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“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal.” - Rumi

We need your help to light the way for victims of torture and trauma, provide them with safe harbor and assist them as they start reclaiming their lives. That is what Lamp Lifeboat Ladder is all about.

Through an agreement with the Canadian government, our public-private project is now providing a pathway for 90 refugee families (roughly 500 refugees) to relocate to Canada. So far, the Canadian government has approved the cases of 31 survivors and their families to resettle in to Canada.

This first-of-its-kind partnership relies on private-sector funding sources to fulfill its mission: Resettling refugees and providing them with the social infrastructure they need to rebuild their lives.

We believe our approach is a new way to treat the refugee crisis, and we think it serves as an example that should be widely adopted.

Voices from survivors

"I lost my life. I am not going to school. I am not safe. I don’t feel safe. I am always afraid to go to the street. My father is sick. Even my younger siblings don’t go to the street and play with other kids because they are mistreated as refugees."


“I don’t like to show my children what I am going through. I want to establish something that will help us live.”


"I just want to be a human being like everyone else. Laugh. Walk. Sleep. I’m still young and I am not ready to die."

Ahmad Abu Nabout

10-Year Track Record

Project leader Reed Smith has successfully resettled more than 300 survivors of sexual violence or torture – from Jordan, Greece, Haiti, and Central America – to Canada, the United States, Spain, Germany, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom since 2010.