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Lamp Lifeboat Ladder Writing Group

In June 2022, Lamp Lifeboat Ladder began a writing group for survivors in the program. The aim of the group is to provide a dedicated space for survivors to learn new, or enhance their existing, writing skills and creative talents and build a community of survivor writers. It is also meant to provide an alternative to the norm of survivors often being only seen as one dimensional people characterized by trauma and their legal status.

Twenty-seven survivors from seven different countries expressed an interest in participating in the writing group and their first writing exercise was to write about ‘Dreams’. Prestigious playwright Catherine Filloux began the first writing workshops and held one-to-one sessions with survivors in Canada, France, Greece, Jordan, and the U.S.,  supporting them to explore their talents. 

The result was this beautiful ‘Dreams Journal’ containing the pieces from all 27 writers, which we are thrilled to have published. Some of the writers are discovering their skills for the first time, whilst others have been writing for many years. Several survivors created some of the beautiful artwork featured in the Journal. 

Since the first workshops in summer 2022 a few more writers have joined the group and we continue to hold regular writing workshops facilitated by Catherine Filloux and other guest writers who will support and champion the creative talents of survivors. Watch this space for more stunning art and creativity!

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