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Education and Capacity Building

New language, new techniques!

In the final blogpost from Razan, she tells us about going back to school, learning new teaching techniques and her dreams for the future. "I enjoyed going back to school to improve my English. I got to meet and speak to many people and we had lovely teachers. My husband and I learnt together for two hours each day. We took our school bags, water, sandwiches – it was fun every ...

Razan: Learn the language so no one else speaks for you

LLL participant and teacher Razan explains her motivation to learn English and why it’s so crucial for people to learn the language of their new country. "We knew we would eventually be granted sanctuary in the USA, so I built up my English whilst we were in Spain where my youngest daughter received medical treatment. I spoke to the doctors in English so I could learn about he ...

Razan: Teaching and learning have been key to assimilation

In observance of International Women’s Day, we spoke to Razan, a Lamp Lifeboat Ladder participant, teacher, interpreter and women's rights activist. In a series of blog posts, Razan discusses teaching experiences, views about women and the family and the importance to refugees of learning their host country's language. Women and education Razan discusses experiences that hel ...

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