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Survivor-led Approach - Lamp Lifeboat Ladder


Help us reach our fundraising target of $100,000 CAD for our survivor-led refugee resettlement initiative for survivors of sexual violence and torture. Visit the website and please consider donating to Lamp Lifeboat Ladder! Through an agreement with the Canadian Government, we are working to resettle 90 survivors and their families currently living in Jordan and ...

Survivor-led approach – Lamp Lifeboat Ladder

I thought this article by Heaven Crawley, professor at the Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University, was very interesting as it highlights how many academics, policy makers and others working in the refugee sector propose solutions to that work in the interests of the global north, and that these ‘solutions’ often perpetuate ‘out of sight out of mind’ ...

Lamp Lifeboat Ladder: A Survivor-Centered Partnership

Looking back on 2020, we reflect on the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on people around the world, particularly on refugees and survivors of torture and sexual violence. It has also shown us their enormous strength and resilience. Throughout the pandemic, our initiative Lamp Lifeboat Ladder has continued to accompany refugee survivors of sexual and gender-based violence on ...

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Help us aid refugees who have survived torture and trauma to discover a new life by supporting their relocation to Canada.