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Run and dusted - Lamp Lifeboat Ladder running team completes first official race

Congratulations to eight members of our Lamp Lifeboat Ladder running team who completed the Dead Sea 10K race in Jordan last week!!!  This was the first official race the team has participated in since the marathon team began and we smashed it! 

My name is Saeed, I'm originally from Syria and I am the Lamp Lifeboat Ladder Athletics Director. I ran with our international director, Jayne and we completed the race in a speedy 1 hour and 8 minutes. I’m so happy as this was my first running race. I think this was an amazing achievement for both of us. After the race there was an overwhelming feeling for me and for all the other participants in our team that we are super strong! 

Four siblings from Syria in our program also ran the 10K race. Angham, who is 19 years old and studying French and English at university in Jordan, said:

"When I found out about the race I was so nervous because I had never done it before, but Jayne encouraged me a lot. On the day of the race we went to the beach to watch the beautiful sunrise before going to the race. As soon as I started running the fear and nerves began to disappear. I didn't believe I  would make the whole 10km but I did! It was such a new and different experience for me.

"The most beautiful thing that happened on the racing trip was that my little brother Walid saw the sea for the first time!

"I am so happy we had an opportunity to race and I'm so excited because now I have a new challenge to train in order to become faster and stronger for other races."

Alham, who is 21 and is studying Mandarin and English at university, said:

"I was so excited to join the Marathon team. I participated in a race two years ago at the University of Jordan, but it was 2.5 kilometers, so much easier than the Dead Sea race! There were moments where I felt I would not be able to complete the race and I thought I should take the bus, but I pushed myself to complete it!  Whilst I was running it was beautiful: we had the sea on one side and on the other I could see the mountains. It was the first time I've visited the Dead Sea. We had such a happy time with my family there and the rest of our team. I want to be ready to participate in all marathons in order to be healthy and athletic."

The next races on the horizon are in Rhodes and Toronto - please join us!  

About the author

Saeed Saeed

Saeed is a survivor who is originally from Syria and is the Lamp Lifeboat Ladder Athletics Director.

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