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A survivor-centered and -led program

Lamp Lifeboat Ladder is a survivor-centered and -led program. We believe survivors are best placed to tell us about their unique needs and we must then tailor our program support to meet these needs.  As part of this approach we want to ensure we communicate with all survivors in our program about Lamp Lifeboat Ladder's philosophy and activities, and encourage feedback and inpu ...

Today is World Refugee Day

We wanted to mark this day by sharing some beautiful words from Fatemah J, a survivor in our program. She writes about her experience as someone who has been forced to leave the place she grew up in search of safety and how she copes with the pain of the changes in her life she's been forced to confront. Her words describe the lack of control that refugees have over their lives ...

Get involved

Help us aid refugees who have survived torture and trauma to discover a new life by supporting their relocation to Canada.